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Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!
Episode 117 - Cyberforce - Artifacts

Granted superhuman abilities via cybernetic implants, they were created to be the pawns of a corrupt and evil corporation. Free and united against their creators, they are known as Cyberforce.

Today Josh and John dive into Line Webtoons to check out the All New and All Free chapters of Cyberforce - Artifacts! Join them as they talk about the format, art, and story.

Doughnuts are long johns from Woodmans.


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