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Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!
Episode 76 - Witchblade Day of the Outlaws

Josh and John take some time today to eat doughnut holes and review the one-shot book: Witchblade - Day of the Outlaws.  Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Nelson Blake II and Dave McCaig, the cover features their names but not that of letterer Troy Peteri.  We talk about lettering, storytelling, and what turns out to be an interesting and enjoyable book.

Doughnut holes are from the new HyVee in Madison.  Lego brick chocolates were a gift to Josh from a friend for his birthday.

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Episode 75 - Top Cow FCBD and The Barn

Josh and John review some recent Top Cow news, including Ron Marz returning to Witchblade, possible plans for Tim Seeley, Free Comic Book Day results, and the new artist on Artifacts - Marco Turini.

We enjoyed a beautiful day, so the background noises from the out of doors (and some kitchen activity) might be heard now and then . . . isn't that's what's cool about podcasting?  You get real life discussions, and this is another one that we enjoyed.

Thanks for listening!

Thanks, also, to Westfield Comics for their support.

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