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Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!
Episode 89 - Darkness is Falling

John and Josh dive into Darkness 116 . . . the final issue of the ongoing Darkness series.  We spoil much of the story, but that is necessary to talk about the ways the main characters have evolved.  Even so, there aren't any spoilers that would get in the way of enjoying this book . . . it IS sequential art, you know!  The visual is as important as the words!  We talk about how things have progressed since Artifacts 13, and we show some love for Jeremy Haun and his facial expressions.

Theme music is Donut Man by the Dickies.

Doughnuts this week are some Bill Knapp's Glazed Dunkers, procured from a local grocery store. 

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Episode 88 - Tim Seeley Wraps Up Witchblade

Tim Seeley joins Josh at his store to talk about Tim's Witchblade run, comic sales, and great books coming out.  Plus, some inside info on the Top Cow creative process and how cool Marc Silvestri is.

No doughnuts this week, which is the only disappointment about the show!

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