Doughnuts and Top Cow - Official
Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!
Episode 2, vol 2 - News and Notes

Josh and John review the state of current events with Top Cow Publishing, including recommendations and lamentations.  They discuss the new Talent Hunt, take a quick peek at Cutter, and look forward to the IXth Generation.

Doughnuts this week are Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts.

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Episode 1, volume 2 - Aphrodite IX

We're Back with a New Rebirth of Doughnuts and Top Cow!

Fittingly, Josh and John dive into Aphrodite IX, volume 2, trade paperback number 2.  John shares 5+ reasons why every Top Cow fan -- Hell, every COMIC fan -- should be reading this book.  Josh chimes in with notable points and corrections.

Doughnuts are some very dense Donut Muffins from Target.

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