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Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!
Episode 114 - Athena IX and Previews

The IXth Generation "One Shots" have begun, and we take a look at Athena IX.  This is the first of several stories that will help us know and understand the members of the Pantheon.

After that, Josh takes us through the latest Previews for books coming out in October.

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Episode 113 - September Mourning and SDCC News

San Diego Comic Con is fresh on our minds!  

SEPTEMBER MOURNING comes on the show to talk about her project, her collaboration with Marc Silvestri, and the successful Kickstarter campaign to launch September Mourning #1.

Then we review the notes of Top Cow News from San Diego, thanks to our roving reporter Royce!

No doughnuts this week, but Josh does end the show with a legendary interview question . . . one that will probably be come a staple of interviews from this point forward!

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Episode 112 - Witchblade Falls!

Josh and John share the latest Top Cow news, highlighted by fan reactions to the announcement that the Witchblade title will be ending this fall.  Not only will the book stop at #185, but Sara Pezzini will cease to be the Witchblade bearer.  A stunning ending to a 20 year run!

Be sure and pay attention to the news, because Josh has an announcement of his own to share!

Today's doughnut was the Croissant-Donut from Dunkin Donuts.  Go get one of these!  Or 3!

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Episode 111 - The Tithe

Josh and John dig into the first two issues of the hot Top Cow - Minotaur Press series The Tithe.  What motivates the Samaritan?  What can happen when religious leaders put fundraising above the lessons of kindness and community?  We wrestle with these and many more questions.

Post show comments from Josh: "both covers of #2 and the A cover of #1 are actually still available from Diamond; the D cover of #1 is actually a signed regular cover it looks like, so no need for art to be included with the digital copy."

Doughnuts this week were "new" from Hostess - little mini glazed donuts.  They are what they are, but they weren't bad!

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Episode 110 - IXth Generation is the Pantheon

Josh and John dive into the IXth Generation, talking about how this is at least two rich stories presented in a single series.  Take that, big comic companies!  Top Cow blends meaningful stories and great art - and fans of the Artifacts must not miss this important book!

No doughnuts today, even though it's being recorded on National Donut Day.

Josh also runs through the latest book solicitations in this month's Previews.

John keeps coming back to the original topic, adding some additional thoughts on Aphrodite IX and the IXth Generation before we close!

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Episode 109 - FCBD + Witchblade Crossover + Previews

Josh and John get ready for Free Comic Book Day and this year's offering from Top Cow - Tales of Honor.  

Then John talks about his Dollar Bin score of the year - Howard the Duck MAX #3, which is basically a parody of Witchblade!

Josh wraps things up by looking at the latest solicitations in this week's Previews.

Congratulations to Donald Stewart III

Episode 108 - Going Postal on Darkness

Josh and John are enjoying the great outdoors and Top Cow Comics!  They touch briefly on the end of the Darkness, as portrayed in Witchblade 181.  Then they take a close look at Postal issues 1 and 2.  There were solid expectations, and the creative team exceeded them.

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Episode 107 - Darkness Falls

Darkness Finally Falls!  The long anticipated "Darkness Falls" storyline hits print, and the first of 2 chapters is printed in Witchblade 180.  Josh and John walk through the story in this issue and talk about new art, theories, and new questions.

Doughnuts are donut holes from Scott's Pastry Shop in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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Episode 106 - Matt Hawkins Rockin' the New Year

Happy New Year 2015!  We're back and chatting with Matt Hawkins, comic writer and President of Top Cow Productions.  We review 2014 from both a business and a creative standpoint.  We touch briefly on 2015 plans (there is so much that he can't and/or won't talk about!).   And we read some questions and comments from listeners as gathered on Twitter and Facebook!

No Doughnuts today, just Top Cow!

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