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Focusing on everything Top Cow -- TCU comics, Minotaur Press, Pilot Season, anime, video games, & more -- the all-new Doughnuts & Top Cow podcast is updated fortnightly. Hosted by John Grigas & Josh Crawley, Doughnuts & Top Cow is the official Top Cow Productions podcast; by the fans, for the fans!

Josh and John return with doughnuts and a story from the relatively new Hurts Donut in Middleton, Wiscomsin. Once sugared up, they dive into some Top Cow news, a couple of announcements, and a call for help!

A short check-in show that still shares some Top Cow goodness!

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Today we are joined by Top Cow Writer Extraordinaire Bryan Hill!  Bryan joins us to talk about his latest Top Cow book, Romulus.  We also fit in some great talk about process, myths, legends, and Gargoyles!

No doughnuts today, just comic goodness!

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Our microphones are frozen!

So, while we try to thaw out, we are revisiting our Holiday Gift Guide from 2010.  Everything on this list is still good stuff . . . you can find things in the Top Cow Store, on, or perhaps even on Ebay for those out-of-print items!

Have a wonderful holiday season!  We'll return next year with some great interviews and reviews!


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John and Josh discuss the new doughnut shop in town - Hurts Donut Co. We only discuss it becuase the lines are too long to buy any! John noted that they are open 24 hours a day, though, so we'll be reviewing them real soon.

For Top Cow, we look at Mechanism #1 by Raffaele Ienco. Raffaele created, wrote, drew, and lettered the book as well. We talk about its merits, its challenges, and whether its worth reading in the floppies or in trade!

Doughnuts were on hand, however. They were from the "fresh" case at the local Target.

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Episode 119 - Matt Hawkins plus Romulus

Matt Hawkins calls in to give us updates on what's coming up from Top Cow Productions! He discusses some of the books in the works for the Top Cow Universe, and we discuss prospects for the titles in the Edenverse as well. Matt shares insider information about what's on the table and what is likely to happen over the next year.

Josh and John also take a look at Romulus #1, which just came out. They analyze the art and story ideas - and John got to share some of his typically crazy theories!

Doughnuts this week are from Speedway.

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Episode 118 - Eclipse and Eden's Fall

John and Josh check out two newly launched books: Eclipse #1 and Eden's Fall #1!

Eclipse is a unique post-apocalyptic tale with unlimited potential for back stories and unlocked mysteries. And the damaged world was created by a natural disaster. We think.

Eden's Fall is a mega-event featuring three of Top Cow's best books: Think Tank, Postal, and The Tithe.

Doughnuts this week are from Hy Vee!

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Episode 117 - Cyberforce - Artifacts

Granted superhuman abilities via cybernetic implants, they were created to be the pawns of a corrupt and evil corporation. Free and united against their creators, they are known as Cyberforce.

Today Josh and John dive into Line Webtoons to check out the All New and All Free chapters of Cyberforce - Artifacts! Join them as they talk about the format, art, and story.

Doughnuts are long johns from Woodmans.


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Episode 116 - Switch and Top Cow News

Wild and Crazy Times Continue! Today we run through some third party info from the Top Cow Panel at San Diego (thanks, Gene and Royce)! Then we take a few minutes to discuss Switch by Stjepan Sejic. We highly recommend this book, even though it has been cancelled for publication. The trade is solicited and WILL come out!

Then we put a call out for our Fantasy Football League this season. Would you like a team and a chance to win signed Top Cow books? Catch us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at

No doughnuts this week, only delicious Top Cow!

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Episode 115 - September Mourning Arrives

Josh and John reconvene following the arrival of the Kickstarter package containing September Mourning #1 and #2!  The results are remarkably good, with some interesting story elements and enjoyable art.

Did you get the package?  Dial in to compare notes.  Did you skip the campaign?  Dial in to see if you should put the book on your radar once its released to the public.

Doughnuts this time are from Dunkin' Donuts, where John was lured by the sight of several police officers on top of the building waving madly to passers by.  

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Episode 114 - Athena IX and Previews

The IXth Generation "One Shots" have begun, and we take a look at Athena IX.  This is the first of several stories that will help us know and understand the members of the Pantheon.

After that, Josh takes us through the latest Previews for books coming out in October.

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Episode 113 - September Mourning and SDCC News

San Diego Comic Con is fresh on our minds!  

SEPTEMBER MOURNING comes on the show to talk about her project, her collaboration with Marc Silvestri, and the successful Kickstarter campaign to launch September Mourning #1.

Then we review the notes of Top Cow News from San Diego, thanks to our roving reporter Royce!

No doughnuts this week, but Josh does end the show with a legendary interview question . . . one that will probably be come a staple of interviews from this point forward!

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Episode 111 - The Tithe

Josh and John dig into the first two issues of the hot Top Cow - Minotaur Press series The Tithe.  What motivates the Samaritan?  What can happen when religious leaders put fundraising above the lessons of kindness and community?  We wrestle with these and many more questions.

Post show comments from Josh: "both covers of #2 and the A cover of #1 are actually still available from Diamond; the D cover of #1 is actually a signed regular cover it looks like, so no need for art to be included with the digital copy."

Doughnuts this week were "new" from Hostess - little mini glazed donuts.  They are what they are, but they weren't bad!

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Episode 110 - IXth Generation is the Pantheon

Josh and John dive into the IXth Generation, talking about how this is at least two rich stories presented in a single series.  Take that, big comic companies!  Top Cow blends meaningful stories and great art - and fans of the Artifacts must not miss this important book!

No doughnuts today, even though it's being recorded on National Donut Day.

Josh also runs through the latest book solicitations in this month's Previews.

John keeps coming back to the original topic, adding some additional thoughts on Aphrodite IX and the IXth Generation before we close!

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Episode 109 - FCBD + Witchblade Crossover + Previews

Josh and John get ready for Free Comic Book Day and this year's offering from Top Cow - Tales of Honor.  

Then John talks about his Dollar Bin score of the year - Howard the Duck MAX #3, which is basically a parody of Witchblade!

Josh wraps things up by looking at the latest solicitations in this week's Previews.

Congratulations to Donald Stewart III

Episode 108 - Going Postal on Darkness

Josh and John are enjoying the great outdoors and Top Cow Comics!  They touch briefly on the end of the Darkness, as portrayed in Witchblade 181.  Then they take a close look at Postal issues 1 and 2.  There were solid expectations, and the creative team exceeded them.

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Episode 107 - Darkness Falls

Darkness Finally Falls!  The long anticipated "Darkness Falls" storyline hits print, and the first of 2 chapters is printed in Witchblade 180.  Josh and John walk through the story in this issue and talk about new art, theories, and new questions.

Doughnuts are donut holes from Scott's Pastry Shop in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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Episode 106 - Matt Hawkins Rockin' the New Year

Happy New Year 2015!  We're back and chatting with Matt Hawkins, comic writer and President of Top Cow Productions.  We review 2014 from both a business and a creative standpoint.  We touch briefly on 2015 plans (there is so much that he can't and/or won't talk about!).   And we read some questions and comments from listeners as gathered on Twitter and Facebook!

No Doughnuts today, just Top Cow!

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Episode 4 - Top Cow Assoc Editor Ryan Cady

Top Cow Associate Editor Ryan Cady joins us to talk Witchblade and the Top Cow Talent Hunt!  We chat about his recent book, the Witchblade Case Files, and then we get into various comic discussions.  Ryan fills us in on the current Top Cow Talent Hunt and shared how some of the process went last year.


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Episode 3 - Talent Hunt with Royce

Talent Hunt 2014 has kicked off!  Are YOU working on scripts or panels?  

In this episode, we talk with Royce Viso, a longtime friend of the show and Top Cow fan.  Royce entereed last year's Talent Hunt with a story that dives into the origin and personality of Danny Estacado, Jackie's father.  Danny wielded the Darkness with a savage hand.  Despite this, the bloodline was passed on to Jackie.  

Royce talks about his story, the application process, and his thoughts for the future of his favorite Artifact - The Darkness.

Read Royce's script on our Facebook Page!

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Episode 2, vol 2 - News and Notes

Josh and John review the state of current events with Top Cow Publishing, including recommendations and lamentations.  They discuss the new Talent Hunt, take a quick peek at Cutter, and look forward to the IXth Generation.

Doughnuts this week are Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts.

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Episode 1, volume 2 - Aphrodite IX

We're Back with a New Rebirth of Doughnuts and Top Cow!

Fittingly, Josh and John dive into Aphrodite IX, volume 2, trade paperback number 2.  John shares 5+ reasons why every Top Cow fan -- Hell, every COMIC fan -- should be reading this book.  Josh chimes in with notable points and corrections.

Doughnuts are some very dense Donut Muffins from Target.

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Episode 101 - Top Cow Universe Throwdown Finale

Josh and John run through the second half of the Top Cow Universe Throwdown Bracket!  Who will make it to the Final Four?  How many Artifacts make it to the Final Four?  Who reigns supreme?  Join us for a fun game, fueled by listeners and friends of the show!

Josh also runs through the latest Previews to alert us to what we should be ordering this month!

Doughnuts are from the Hy-Vee Grocery Store in Madison.

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Episode 100 - TCU Throwdown!

The long-awaited milestone is here!  For Episode 100, we review some notes from ComicCon sent to us by crack reporter Duckness.  Then we dive into a field of 32 bracket matchup of Top Cow Characters.  Who will prevail?  A core Artifact like the Darkness or Witchblade?  Or will we be surprised by a "minor" character like Aram or the Survivor?

Are you ready to rumble?

New music for the show is by Left Handed.

We reference the compelling September Mourning video in the show as well.

Doughnuts were Morning Buns from PDQ in Madison.

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Episode 99 - Witchblade 175

Top Cow's biggest title celebrates another milestone issue with the oversized Witchblade 175.  John and Josh walk through the three stories in the book and discover - in real time - many cool features, hints of things to come, and nods to the past.  

Be sure to have your copy of Witchblade 175 in your hands while you listen (unless you are driving).  If you grab some mini-powdered sugar donuts from 7-Eleven, you can follow along as if you were in the room with us!


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Episode 98 - Opinions and Conjectures + Previews

Josh and John share a letter from Listener Steven Andrade, who has several questions and theories about what's going on in the Top Cow Universe these days.  What happened to Hope?  Is today's Angelus here to stay?  And where are all the artifacts in Aphrodite IX?  Some of these are known answers; most are not.  But we have fun talking about them.

Doughnuts are from Copp's Grocery in Madison, Wisconsin.  Decedant ones today.

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Episode 97 - Rise of the Magi

Rise of the Magi #0 was the Free Comic Book Day offering from Top Cow.  Josh and John take a look at this unique story with surprising artwork.  It is unlike any Top Cow book you have seen in a long while - and we mean that in a good way!  We also share some on-the-spot reader reviews recorded on Free Comic Book Day at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI.

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Episode 96 - Ron Marz Returns

Ron Marz returns to the podcast, only 4 issues after his return to the Witchblade title!  Ron talks about the first story arc of his latest run, where Darkness Falls might fit into things, and his convention schedule.  We get some hints and insight.  We also ask him some great questions that he had to decline to answer.  wOOt!

Doughnuts in Wisconsin were home-made in a donut maker.  Doughnuts in New York were from Dunkin Donuts.

We also talk to Tracy, also known as skyorbit on the Top Cow forums.  Tracy discusses his love of Top Cow books, his desire for more Necromancer, and his recommendations for how Top Cow can keep its ongoing titles coming out on time.

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Episode 95 - Darkness Rumblings

This week we take a look at the Darkness - Vicious Traditions one-shot, set back during the Roman Empire.  We also talk about the future plans for the Darkness and how Darkness Falls will be treated.  We also share some of the fan impatience on the boards before Josh weighs in with his opinion.

Doughnuts this week are from the newly re-opened Lane's Bakery in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Episode 94 - The Honorverse

We dip our toe into the Honorverse, the popular series of novels about Honor Harrington, written by David Weber.  We talk about Tales of Honor #1, and the issue's writer Matt Hawkins joins us to talk process and story.  Plus, we get a little Top Cow news - it's handy that he is also the President and COO of Top Cow!

Doughnuts this episode are from the Hy-Vee Grocery Store.

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Episode 93 - Artifacts 34 and Gene Chapman

Josh and John share some Top Cow News and some Doughnut News.  Then they dive into a short review of the recently released Artifacts issue 34, featuring the latest two Top Cow Talent Hunt winners.  

Reader and friend of the podcast Gene Chapman stops by for our inaugural Reader Spotlight segment.

Doughnuts this week are from Woodman's market in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Episode 92 - New Releases - Witchblade 172 and Cyber Force 8

Josh and John take a look at the latest releases from Top Cow - Witchblade #172 and Cyber Force #8.  We touch briefly on the storylines, but mainly talk about what makes these books interesting.

We also make an appeal for A Voice in the Dark - we need to get it pre-ordered in order to make it past issue #7!

Josh discussed the Ghastly Awards, honoring excellence in horror comics.  We are proud to be sponsors of the 2013 Ghastly Awards and hope you check out the winners at

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Episode 91 - Matt Hawkins looks ahead at 2014

Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins stops by to review 2013, but mostly to kick around the initiatives for 2014.  Discussions cover what's going on with the Darkness, March's launch of "Tales of Honor," the big Free Comic Book Day push for "Rise of the Magi," and Aphrodite IX.  He teases a few schedule developments and riffs on the industry.  

Grab a doughnut (or at least a drink) and hang with us for this engaging interview.

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Episode 90 - The Top Cow Holiday Special

Josh has two days of inventory.  John is worn out and under the weather following a day of travel.  So, we dig into our past life as a podcast to feature a review of the Top Cow Holiday Special from 2010.  This was originally on the Comic Book Noise feed, so there's a chance you haven't heard it!

Josh and John say “Happy Holidays” – even though December is well in our past.  We’ll just say that we’re incredibly early for the 2011 Holiday Season by taking a look at the Top Cow flip book – the Top Cow Holiday Special and Jingle Belle – Grounded Special.

You can get your very own copy of this fun packed trade paperback at the Top Cow Store.

Music on this episode is “Donut Man” by the Dickies.  Podsafe music courtesy of MusicAlley.  Check them out and buy the track, if you’re so inclined!

Doughnuts this week are Hostess Honey Buns.  John walks memory lane with this snack that was so popular in the early 80s in south Chicago.

Thanks, as always to Westfield Comics for their support

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Episode 89 - Darkness is Falling

John and Josh dive into Darkness 116 . . . the final issue of the ongoing Darkness series.  We spoil much of the story, but that is necessary to talk about the ways the main characters have evolved.  Even so, there aren't any spoilers that would get in the way of enjoying this book . . . it IS sequential art, you know!  The visual is as important as the words!  We talk about how things have progressed since Artifacts 13, and we show some love for Jeremy Haun and his facial expressions.

Theme music is Donut Man by the Dickies.

Doughnuts this week are some Bill Knapp's Glazed Dunkers, procured from a local grocery store. 

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Episode 88 - Tim Seeley Wraps Up Witchblade

Tim Seeley joins Josh at his store to talk about Tim's Witchblade run, comic sales, and great books coming out.  Plus, some inside info on the Top Cow creative process and how cool Marc Silvestri is.

No doughnuts this week, which is the only disappointment about the show!

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Episode 86 - Ready to Wrap Up the Year!

John and Josh return to talk about whether it's safe to read Witchblade 170, some great suggestions for Holiday Gift Giving, and a walk through the latest solicitations in Previews.  

If you are interesting in Jeremy Haun art, here is a link to his Darkness Page - don't forget the discount code that we share on the episode to save 20%!

Plus, we find one more piece of evidence that Marc Silvestri is still ahead of the trend!

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Episode 85 - Top 9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Aphrodite IX

John shares his Top 9 reasons why you should be reading Aphrodite IX. It's a varied list, and we'd love to hear YOUR reasons! Josh weighs in on solicited books for December from Top Cow, noting that a majority of them are slated to ship on December 11.

Doughnuts this week are Munchkins(™) from Dunkin Donuts.  We counted the assortment and found . . . there were 9 varieties!  Spooky!

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Episode 84 - Larime Taylor

Josh and John spend time with new Top Cow creator Larime Taylor.  Larime has a new ongoing title coming out from Top Cow's Minotaur Press entitled A Voice in the Dark.  This psychological thriller is sure to spark interest.

Also sparking interest is the way Larime creates books!  He was born with Arthrogryposis, which limits the use of his arms.  Because of this Larime draws using a pen in his mouth.  And he draws some impressive pages in his expressive style.  Be sure and pre-order the book today!

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Episode 83 _ Troy Peteri Has Top Cow Info

Comic book writer and letterer Troy Peteri joins us in studio to talk about Top Cow projects, latest cool stuff and some things to watch out for in the future!  

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Episode 81 - SDCC 2013 Wrapup

Josh and John dig into the news from San Diego!  Top Cow President Matt Hawkins sent us his talking points, so we dive into the announcements and give our spin plus predictions.  Also, Darkness expert Royce Viso joins us to give us insight about the fun stuff taking place at the Top Cow Panel and Booth.

Doughnuts are from the Hy-Vee on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin.

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Episode 80 - Old School Cyberforce with Chris Parin

Chris Partin of the Image Addiction Podcast and website joins us to talk about the earliest days of Cyberforce.  We remember what the comic scene was like in the early 90s and share stories about how Image Comics turned the industry on its ear.

In this show, we look at the first Cyberforce Mini-series in 1992-1993.  We also compare some of the elements to today's new run of Cyberforce as launched through a Kickstarter Campaign.

This week's sponsor is  Check them out for timely reviews and the Image Addiction podcast.  Check 'em out!

Follow us on Twitter!

Josh - @joshcrawley

john - @johngrigas

Chris - @chrispartin

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Episode 79 - Witchblade Origins vol. 1

Josh and John dig into the first 8 issues of Witchblade, sparked by the 5th anniversary of Michael Turner's passing.  We look at the characters introduced as well as see some elements that pop up in later runs by Ron Marz and Tim Seeley.  

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Episode 78 - Looking For Artifacts

Josh and John dig into the current Top Cow Universe, with a quick look at the latest books in an attempt to locate the 13 artifacts in the reborn world.  We couldn't find all 13, but we did find some clues.  Plus, John throws out a couple more of his crazy ideas and misinterpretations.

Need some of these books?  Get over to Drive Thru Comics for current and back issues of Top Cow books.

If you're in Madison, be sure to grab some Top Cow titles at Westfield Comics.  They also offer subscription services online (just follow the link to their website!)

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Episode 76 - Witchblade Day of the Outlaws

Josh and John take some time today to eat doughnut holes and review the one-shot book: Witchblade - Day of the Outlaws.  Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Nelson Blake II and Dave McCaig, the cover features their names but not that of letterer Troy Peteri.  We talk about lettering, storytelling, and what turns out to be an interesting and enjoyable book.

Doughnut holes are from the new HyVee in Madison.  Lego brick chocolates were a gift to Josh from a friend for his birthday.

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Episode 74 - Matt Hawkins talks Aphrodite IX, FCBD, and More

This episode features a conversation with Matt Hawkins, Top Cow COO and writer of Think Tank and Aphrodite IX.  We talk about Free Comic Book Day, the differences between the rebirth Aphrodite and what has come before, and some hints on the future of Think Tank.

We do get in-depth on story lines, but we also have a good time talking about what might be around the corner for Top Cow Productions.  Listen in and get some clues!

Also: find out the difficulties in bringing the Cyber Force Origins TPBs (and other 90s material) to print.

No doughnuts this week . . . we did a Skype show! 

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Episode 73 - Witchblade, Wondercon, and September Mourning

Josh and John dig into Witchblade #165 and talks about how this brings closure to the Sara Pezzini we came to know during the Ron Marz run.  This well-executed book is an essential read to any fan of the run from 80 to 150.

Friend of the show, Royce Viso, shared his notes from the recent Wondercon.  He gives some info from the MTV Geek panel that Marc Silvestri participated in, and we listen to the latest release from September Mourning.  They have a strong Top Cow connection.

Doughnuts this week are classic Old Fashioned, procured from Speedway.

Episode 72 - Jackie Estacado is Broken

This episode's title has more than one meaning, but mainly Jackie is currently a shell of what he once was.  Josh and John dig into the deconstruction of Jackie as Darkness bearer and speculate about where things might be going.

Josh also takes through the latest Top Cow solicitations.

We also have a bonus interview with comic artist Steve Bryant, who happens to have grown up in a doughnut shop!

Doughnuts are fritters!  Apple and blueberry!

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Episode 71 - Progeny Begins

Josh and John take an extended look - including spoilers - at the Progeny storyline parts 1 and 2.  The Universe was reborn with the Artifacts event, but there have been flaws and cracks emerging.  Sara and Jackie have been on a collision course about how he has remade the Top Cow Universe, and the confrontation has begun.  Our discussion covers Artifacts #25 and Witchblade #164

Doughnuts this episode are from PDQ, a Wisconsin convenience and gas chain of stores.

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Episode 70 - Ravine is Coming

Josh and John nosh doughnuts and talk about the upcoming Ravine Vol. 1 from Stjepan Sejic and Ron Marz.  We run through some reasons why you want to pick this book up, even if you aren't into the fantasy genre.

We also preview some of the activity expected at the London Super Comic Con, where Top Cow has a solid representation.

Doughnuts this episode are mini-donuts from 7-Eleven.

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Episode 68 - Ron Marz talks Ravine, Artifacts, and More

Ron Marz joins the guys to talk about the unique - and potentially groundbreaking - fantasy series being released by Top Cow: Ravine.  This otherworldly tale, created and painted by Stjepan Sejic and co-written by Ron Marz, will be introduced to us in late February.  Vol. 1 starts us off with more than 120 pages of story!

We also discuss some Artifacts questions, upcoming storylines, the potential return of some fan favorite characters, and delve into some of Ron's other projects for Amazon Studios, 12 Gauge Comics, and Image Comics.

Josh and John dig into the NEW Cyber Force with a walkthrough of story elements in the first two issues.  This is not a review.  Rather, it is a discussion about what is happening so far and where we see things progressing.  Have you read the books?  Have you read them twice?  This book gets more rewarding with each read.

You can grab free digital copies of the first two issues at one of our sponsors: 

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The guys pop open a Voodoo Doughnuts Maple Bacon Ale and enjoy some two-bite mini cinnamon rolls.  Then Josh highlights some of the best collections put out by Top Cow in 2012.  The list comes just in time for your end-of-year gift giving.

Following that, we talk about some of the cracks in the Top Cow Universe, mainly some of the interesting things going on in Jackie's world in the Darkness title.  

We finish with a plug for a book you should be supporting on Kickstarter:  Bad Karma.  Headed up by Darkness Artist Jeremy Haun, Bad Karma features some great artists (including the previous Darkness scribe, Phil Hester!)

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Episode 64 - Bryan Rountree with Top Cow Inside Info

Managing Editor Bryan Rountree joins Josh and John for some great Top Cow insider talk.  We cover just about all of the Top Cow books coming out, especially Aphrodite IX and Ravine.  Bryan gives a look into working at the Top Cow offices, and he gives us the scoop on working with several of our favorite creators.

Doughnuts are from the Copp's Bakery, which were a failing attempt at an Apple Fritter.

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Episode 63 - Jeremy Haun Talks The Darkness and More

Darkness artist Jeremy Haun joins us for some serious process discussion.  We talk Darkness, the Beauty, and collaborating with other creators.  Then, Josh and Jeremy get into some great LEGO discussions!

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Episode 62 - Artifacts: The Heart Stone

John and Josh jump back into Artifacts with an in-depth look at the latest story arc, Phantoms of the Heart.  This three-issue story focuses on the Heart Stone in the new Universe as created by Jackie.  We are finding that this artifact is very important to the Top Cow Universe.  Perhaps more important that we first believed.  We dig into previous appearances, including Witchblade 137 and Artifacts 9.  We also spend a little time talking about the Necromancer and the demon Mali.

Josh also takes us through some of the announcements at the recent Top Cow Panel at New York Comic Con.

Doughnuts today are from Dunkin' Donuts.

Thanks to Drive Thru Comics for their sponsorship and for providing books for today's episode.

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Top Cow founder and CEO Marc Silvestri joins Josh to take a deep look at Cyber Force #1.  There is a lot of process talk, along with some good story nuggets, so you'll want to listen!  There are some mild spoilers here and there, but the book will be easy to get on October 17 so you can read it before listening!

This episode is sponsored by . . . TOP COW PRODUCTIONS, of course!

Get to your Local Comic Shop to pick up your copy of Cyber Force #1.  It's available FREE to you!  Supplies in your local shop might be limited, so you should get there as soon as possible!

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Episode 60 - Troy Peteri

Top Cow letterer Troy Peteri hangs out with the guys to talk process, prospects, and Top Cow projects.  We also delve into topics like halloween, spinner racks, and spandex.  Also look for a couple good "she said" jokes.  It's just like hanging out at your LCS!

If you will be at New York Comic Con, be sure to stop by the Top Cow Booth.  Some great Top Cow creators will be on hand, and Troy will also drop by regularly.  Seek him out!

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Episode 59 - Talent Hunt with Matt Hawkins

Are you ready to work for Top Cow?  Matt Hawkins talks about what you need to know to jump into the Top Cow Talent Hunt.  Top Cow is looking to put together a team of writer and artist for a one-shot or limited series taking place within the Top Cow Universe.  

If you won't be entering the hunt, this show will still have plenty of Top Cow clues and information moving forward.  Plus, we wrap up the show kicking around some of the crossover wish list posts from our friends and listeners!

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John and Josh dig deeply into Think Tank #1, providing a story synopsis and plenty of opinion.  Mainly, our opinion is that you should be reading this book! 

Doughnuts this episode are fresh rings from Super Target.  We have a bonus beer today, as well:  Rocky's Revenge Bourbon Brown from Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills, WI.

Thanks go out to Drive Thru Comics, where you can pick up Think Tank #1 for only $1.99! 

Thanks go to Westfield Comics, with two retail locations in Madison and a great website for your pre-orders.

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Episode 54 - Top Cow News from SDCC

Josh and John chat about the big announcements this week, and we also check out some notes from our Special Comic Con correspondant, Royce!  There's a lot to be excited about . . . and a LOT of free digital content in our future.

Doughnuts this week are from the Greenbush Bakery in Madison, and there's a fair amount of exciting doughnut news to share this week as well.


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Episode 51 - Publisher Filip Sablik

Josh and John hang out with Filip over Skype. Subjects range from what Filip looks for in a portfolio review to what is the expected production schedule for some of the Pilot Season and First Look books. Mix in some movie talk and video game discussion, and you have a fascinating interview!

There are some technical difficulties apparent midway through the show, but the content makes it worth it. We will continue to re-engineer the show to publish a cleaner version, which will be updated on this feed.

Music this episode is Donut Man by the Dickies. Podsafe music from MusicAlley.

Episode artwork by Nikki Notaro (@GuardianBinah on Twitter)!

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Episode 49 - Cosplay with Jen W

Jen W (@argentsouled on Twitter) joins us to talk about her amazing Magdalena costume as well as the thrill and challenges of cosplay in modern fandom.  Jen has some terrific insight to go along with her skillful design, and Josh and John chat about conventions, best practices, and cool tips for aspiring cosplayers.

We also have a little preview discussion about Free Comic Book Day 2012 and the Top Cow offering - Witchblade.

Episode artwork by Nikki Notaro (@GuardianBinah on Twitter)!

Doughnuts this episode were from the Greenbush Bakery in Madison, although we were too enthralled to discuss them!

Music is from The Dickies:  "Donut Man."  Podsafe music from MusicAlley.

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Episode 48 - C2E2 Wrapup

Josh and John helped out Top Cow at the 2012 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  While there, they had a chance to touch base with several Top Cow creators, including Marc Silvestri, Filip Sablik, Jeremy Haun, and Troy Peteri.  In this episode, we play some quick-shot interviews with them, along with some other surprise guests.

We also kick off our April contest with a question:  at the Top Cow Panel, Marc Silvestri said that "Image Sucks."  If you stopped there, you took it way out of context.  What did he really mean by that?  Post your answer to our podcast Facebook page to enter.

Podsafe music on this episode is Donut Man from The Dickies, courtesy of  Check 'em out.  Better yet, pick up the CD featuring this song: "All This and Puppet Stew."

Thanks go to Westfield Comics for studio space and resources.

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Official Top Cow Audio Podcast, Episode 001

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Official Top Cow Audio Podcast, hosted at on our community website, The Barn! Every episode will feature news, interviews, conversations with fans, shipping updates, and much, much more. Produced and edited by Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak ( Send feedback to

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